scribbles: Vol. 4 – November 20th, 2020

A lot has happened since I last wrote… I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. As this calendar year begins to end I have started to reflect on what 2020 has meant in my life and I have stated to think about the coming year as well. I hope by the end of this month to write about the ways I plan for each year in a way to help others see some success I have found and I also know that when I explain or write about my processes I always find ways to change and improve them.

Here are my links for this week’s volume:

Read 📚

I love stationery and paper goods. I love great design. Put them together and you have all of my attention. This link provides more to look at than read but it is worth your time. They will surely be the best-looking passports in the world 🇳🇴

Watch 🎞️

Want something to play in the background while you read or work from home? I recently stumbled upon this live feed of a train running its routes through Norway and at first I opened it because I thought it would be funny. It played on my TV for at least 3 hours after I opened it. I am not sure why this scribble is turning out to be very focused on Norway haha!

Also, finally got around to watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix and was blown away by its production value and storytelling. Highly recommend for those interested in anthropology and seeing both the worst and best of our human capabilities.

Listen 🎧

I’m a sucker for ambient/new age music. I don’t know when or where it was that I fell in love with it but I do have some memories of my dad listening to variations of this type of music when I was younger. There is something so peaceful in the sounds that resinate with my soul, connect me to something beyond the here and now, and help me focus on whatever I am doing. Thinking, writing, walking, and/or when I’m alone. Just so much peace… Lately, the two artists I have been listening to the most in this arena are: Roary (check out their song, “Shelter”) and Alaskan Tapes (listen to all of their stuff). If you are in the mood for some chill and relaxing music, give this a try.

Please keep wearing a mask, over your nose.