scribbles: Vol. 5 – December 4th, 2020

Happy Holidays to all of you! This is going to be a Friday night edition. I’ve had my head down with school, work, and my previous post pretty much all week. I love December and all the things that happen within these 4 weeks. We have already watched Home Alone (my personal favorite Christmas movie) and we are so excited to watch some more classics as well as some new ones too. I hope all of you are finding this holiday season well, considering the circumstances, and are looking forward to some time alone or with your closest loved ones. This is one of the best months of the year to think and reflect on the philosophies of life.

Read 📚

If you haven’t watched The Queen’s Gambit yet, I highly recommend that you do. It is not perfect and has a few flaws, but regardless I still think it is worth the time. One of the better shows we have had the opportunity to watch this year. Anyway, I stumbled upon this interesting piece on one of the advisors, Garry Kasparov, who was a Russian World Chess Champion. He played an important role in making sure the games were real and the atmosphere of the chess world matched what it was like in the 60s. There are some definite spoilers so read it after you watch it.

Play 👾

More on the chess theme… I started using the service well over a year ago to play matches with my brother and random people on the web. From the research I have done it seems to be the best out there. It is free, open source, available on almost everything, and has a great community. If you are excited to learn more about Chess and want to play it more, feel free to add me, @alpinew0lf.

Another fun game I’ve been playing recently on iOS is called, Two Spies. It has been out for a while now, but they are introducing “Season 1” of a new multiplayer experience on December 9th which looks like it will make it even more fun. The game is exciting, requires you to slow down from other fast-paced mobile games, and it’s beautiful.

Funny comic to end this week’s edition:

(I think there is a for every aspect of life)