scribbles: Vol. 8 – January 29th, 2021

I guess after living in Austin for almost a month now I should be starting this with “Hey Y’all!” but I don’t see that becoming a thing… Anyway, good morning and happy Friday my Internet friends. I don’t know about you, but I have certainly felt a greater sense of peace the last few weeks as we’ve witnessed a new administration trying to move mountains to tackle the pandemic. This year is undoubtedly going to be full of moments that continue to ask so much of us, but with the right frame of mind we can handle those moments with patience and hope.

Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying:

Read 📚

Okay, so this recommendation is a really long read and but I think it is worth it now and will also be a good article to save for years to come. At the beginning of the month, The New Yorker released an article on the current known history of the COVID-19 pandemic titled, The Plague Year. I found a paper copy of this issue at Barnes & Noble, but I imagine that it has already been replaced with a newer issue, but you can read the digital version for free. Lawrence Wright does a beautiful job of introducing the people whose names I wouldn’t otherwise know and have been working for decades to come up with the solutions we are seeing today. I hope that later this year he writes a follow-up and with the length of this article I’m presuming he is planning to turn it into a book.

This one is for my design obsessed friends and for any horologist. The article is pure eye candy and goes into detail about the design language of watches and how they inspire the Apple Watch. If you are remotely interested in watches, I think you will enjoy this read.

Disclaimer, I not only love the Apple Watch, but I also work at Apple.

Listen 🎧

Okay, this one I know I will be writing about again in April. But just a couple of days ago one of my favorite artists, Porter Robinson, announced his second full-album will be released on April 23rd, and I am beyond excited. You can add it to your library now and listen to a couple of tracks as part of a pre-release, Look at the Sky is my favorite so far.

Technology ⚡️

I have fallen in love with a new piece of technology. The Logitech MX Master 3 has been on my list of things to try for a long time. I first heard about this mouse years ago, and I decided recently to just got for it. I am blown away about how much of a joy it is to use as an input device. If you are a macOS & iOS user it has great integration (Mission Control & Spaces) and one of the neat features is that with a button press on the bottom you can easily switch between three different devices.

Have a great weekend and see you February! 💕