scribbles: Vol. 10 – February 26th, 2021

Good morning my friends! I am writing to you from a much warmer Austin after what was a hell of a week due to an unprecedented winter storm… Tara and I were very lucky and grateful to have family nearby so that we could find refuge from our apartment that had no water and heat for over a week. That truly was a privilege and our hearts are still so heavy for the hundreds of thousands of Texans that couldn’t (or still cannot) escape the awful circumstances… The snow+ice melted days ago, but the damage is still to be fixed for so many.

Read (and solve!) 📚

I will share a link to the twitter thread that explains an extremely clever puzzle/Easter egg that was created inside the parachute on the Mars rover, Perseverance (Percy). I have always loved Easter eggs so when I saw this, I couldn’t help but smile and become giddy with excitement at the brilliance of the many people behind our modern day marvels. Seeing the rover land on Mars the other day brought tears to my eyes, really all space endeavors cause me to become emotional. If you want to download the PDF to solve the fun mystery, here is the link.

Watch 👀

I was able to finally see a film that I have been excited about for many months called, Nomadland. This week it became available for a limited time on, Hulu.

It is based on a true story and the storytelling is so well done that at times I had to remind myself that Francis McDormand is an actress and I wasn’t watching a documentary. If you are interested in seeing a moving piece on rural America, this is your film. Cannot wait to revisit this one from time to time.

Over the last few months been implementing a new digital system for all of my thinking and I have hinted at it a few times now, and I’m getting closer and closer to sharing it with all of you here. It may not be for everyone, but I’m excited to share my process nonetheless.

Also, would any of you prefer this to be an emailed newsletter instead? I have been thinking about that for a few months too. Feel free to reach out to me via email or the contact page.

“Everything’s destiny is to change, to be transformed, to perish. So that new things can be born.” – Marcus Aurelius