scribbles: Vol. 13 – April 9th, 2021

Happy April! Spring is in full force here in Austin. The birds sing their songs for hours each morning and I love every second of it. Many of the trees around my work turned green overnight, or so it seemed. Here are some of the goodies I’ve discovered recently, in no particular order:

  • I recently discovered this creative wiki that is entirely dedicated to explaining in detail different “aesthetics”. If you are an older human who wants to know why your niece told you she is into “Lo-Fi” music. Well, now you can learn everything you want to know about it.
  • This one is for any map lovers out there, I can promise that you are not alone. This website displays the United States “where city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia’ed resident: people born in, live in, or connected to a place.” A lot of fun learns in this one.
  • I just started reading the first trilogy of the Foundation (series) by Isaac Asimov. I read his Wikipedia page and found the history of his life to be quite intriguing. After reading it, I was also excited to learn that the film Bicentennial Man (1998) was an adaptation of his original short story by the same name. Anyway, the first book in the series is extremely captivating and so far, a great sci-fi novel.
  • Stumbled upon an artist that I hadn’t heard of before named, Billie Marten. She has an incredible voice and I love the sound of her music. She has been making music for years, and I’m glad I discovered her right before her new album comes out next month. A great singer/songwriter from the UK.
  • Lastly, as many of you know… I am a total sucker for silent hiking videos. I have a new favorite, and it is a 14-minute video of a hiker, Jesper Bach, hiking from Munich (Bad Tölz) to Venice. If you need a good wind down and/or want to see some of the most beautiful shots of Europe, watch this video. The very end made me tear up.

I am told this is a great tool for finding a vaccine near you. In just a few days every state will have the opportunity for everyone 16 and up to sign-up but of course the hard part is going to be availability. I am hoping that link can help some of you. I got my first dose a couple of days ago and couldn’t be more excited about when I get to go again for the final dose. So grateful to live in the time that we do.