scribbles: Vol. 15 – May 7th, 2021

Hello again! This scribble is being sent to you from a warm Texan, it is already so hot here… It took a couple of months of various appointments, but I am officially a Texas citizen. Something I never thought I would ever say but here I am. It has only been 5 months, but I’m already finding a humble sense of pride in saying, “I live in Austin”. The last few weekends I have spent time going for runs downtown, and it has really helped me connect with the city and the other people who are doing the same. The culture here is contagious and a joy to be a part of. Here are a few links that I have found good enough for sharing:

  • I think the most well-known room in the White House has to be the ‘Oval Office’, for obvious reasons. This piece by the New York Times showcases some beautiful photos of the Oval Office over the last few decades, even going into detail the different pieces of art and busts. It is a fascinating visual story and a good use of the modern web. Undoubtedly, there would be a painting of Yosemite on the wall if I had the privilege.
  • Usually, when I am asked for “the best pens” to look at I will send people to Brad Dowdy’s Top 5 Pens. But another great stationery website I follow just updated their top pen list and I think it is worth sharing. The Gentleman Stationery produced a great 2021 list and has many links to other guides for the stationery-hungry people out there. If any of you see something on this list and want some questions answered, send them my way and I will give them my best shot. I have quite a few of the pens on this list *sweating smile*.
  • To say that I am excited about the new orange iMac would be an understatement. I think the color is perfect and the new design is stunning (disclaimer: Apple is my employer). Anyway, a designer I have linked to before in a previous edition has a new post with some free wallpapers inspired by the new iMac colors, and they are so fun. Enjoy! (They also come with a ‘Dynamic’ set, meaning they will adjust with Dark Mode/Light Mode settings)
  • A-rapid-fire-trailers-and-teasers-compliation-of-shows-and-movies-I-am-excited-about: Oslo, Luca, Stranger Things 4, Georgetown, Mare of Easttown, 1899, Ted Lasso Season 2, and Fathom.

“Every intellectual endeavor starts with a note.” — Sönke Ahrens

Stay classy, and be excellent to each other.