scribbles: Vol. 17 – September 10th, 2021

It is September and almost officially fall, and I still sometimes think it is 2020. The history books should consider writing β€œ2021” as, β€œ2020+1”. Fall is the beginning of my favorite time of year and is my second favorite season, after winter. I have an affinity for the films that come out this time of year as well as the video game releases, holidays, colder weather, colors, smells, clothing, and personal reflections as the year strides into its finale.

Today I wanted to share with all of you some of the newsletters I subscribe to and think others would enjoy. The last couple of years have brought a resurgence in digital newsletters as more and more people try to distance themselves from social media platforms. I couldn’t enjoy them more. They bring personality, focus, choice, and joy. In no particular order:

  • Rest of World β€” An international nonprofit journalism organization that covers technology, culture, politics, and where all of those things intersect. A great lens to news outside the USA.
  • Studio Neat: Gazette β€” Two of my favorite designers (that also live in Austin!) send a simple letter each Friday with one or two of their favorite recent discoveries.
  • Ryan Holiday β€” A bestselling author, bookstore owner, and writer on Stoic philosophy, this newsletter appears about four times a month and usually involves some great advice on the muses of life and how to be a better version of yourself. He also has a newsletter dedicated to just book recommendations.
  • Craig Mod: Ridgeline β€” Craig is a photographer and writer that has been living in Japan for years and documenting his journey in that incredible country. He spends most of his days walking long distances and shares those stories in his newsletter.
  • Dense Discovery β€” Each week when this one is released, I get so excited because I know it will include something I will love. Kai Brach sends this out to share up-and-coming apps/digital tools, interviews with people in technology, books to read, and art/typography. This newsletter was made for me and I think some of you too.
  • Better Allies β€” A thoughtful, weekly newsletter, on how to be a better ally for groups that are marginalized. They give advice on how to be a better listener and advocate for those that need help finding a voice or even space at the table in the first place.
  • Morning Brew β€” A daily newsletter for bite sized information on the latest business world/business adjacent news.
  • β€” Posts from Arun happen once in a blue moon and typically bring an in-depth analysis of why something was designed the way it was. I have shared a few of their pieces on this blog.
  • Austin Kleon β€” A weekly newsletter from Austin Kleon (who also lives in Austin), where he shares some of his recent creative endeavors as well as creative content he has been consuming. Austin is one of the most prolific artists I know of on the web.

I embarrassingly subscribe to many more newsletters than those listed above, but thought this list would bring a couple of people some good reads. Let me know if you subscribe to any of these, or if you have any recommendations from the newsletters you subscribe to.