Blogs are not abandoned, they become dormant

One thing I have discovered after many years of being online is that blogs rarely, if ever, become abandoned. Instead, blogs often become dormant. Have you ever wondered why Squarespace has been sponsoring your favorite podcast every week since 2010? It is because they know full well that once a customer creates a domain on the World Wide Web, the customer will most likely never walk away from it for fear of someone else sweeping it up. My experience has been that when I stumble upon an old blog I am not presented with a “404” or “BUY THIS DOMAIN” but instead I find, ironically, cobwebs.

Despite my blog not being very “old”, a visit to my site over the last year would have presented the user with some cobwebs, a facelift, and spiders preparing to build some more webs. Since I do not like spiders, this post is me choosing to bring in the broom and post something to signify I have am still here and excited to start publishing more of my thoughts.

The last year has been filled with deep introspection and self-discovery. Lately, I’ve had a desire to start posting more of my thoughts on my website even if they are super small tweet-sized posts.

It is very possible that I have a cycle where I post a lot more often than I have in the past and then again go the way of the fire lookout tower by walking away for a season. Life does seem to bring varying seasons of experiences and shouldn’t it be okay for our websites to do that too?

P.S. I don’t use Squarespace, I use WordPress.